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Just In Case – What Is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

A PLR product or service is created by one party and distributed with permission by another party under the distributing party’s label or business name.

There are many working examples of this concept in the offline world:

For instance, a company called Vitarich Laboratories manufactures health supplements and sells packaging and labeling rights to many well-known vitamin retailers like GNC. In this scenario Vitarich Labs produces the vitamins, minerals, etc. and GNC bottles these products, slaps a great looking label with their logo onto each bottle, then stocks the shelves of their international retail centers with GNC branded supplements.

Another example is Chef Boyardee canned pasta. Surely you’ve had a can or two of their Ravioli or Spaghetti & Meatballs at some point.

In an effort to generate even more revenue for their already profitable company, ConAgra Foods, Inc. (the producers of Chef Boyardee products) has numerous PLR packaging contracts with grocery store chains and smaller canned food manufacturers and distributors.

So the products are cooked and canned at the Chef Boyardee plant but labeled with the brand name and logo of the PLR partner, Save-A-Lot groceries being just one example off the top of my head.

Nothing New Here Then

So you see the concept of Private Label Rights is actually far older than Web marketing, and in fact even predates the Internet! But the concept has gained a great deal of mainstream popularity in the online marketing communities over the past couple of years.

In the case of Web marketing, PLR is often seen with e-books, software, etc. where the initial creator of a product sells (usually a limited number of) licenses to distributors allowing them to not only retail the product under their name and logo, but even alter the contents and functions of the product considerably if they wish.

In theory PLR marketing on the Web is a great idea. But as with just about everything online it didn’t take long for the lazy and unrefined wannabe marketers to give the whole game a black eye.

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What’s Wrong With The Online PLR Marketing Community?

There are a couple of problems with the current PLR scene within the Internet marketing field. As with many good things, it doesn’t take long for a group of lazy, uninventive wannabes to make a mess of things because they think they can beat the system or make some fast cash by doing a slop job and passing this slop off as a retail product.

Some of the major issues with PLR on the web at the time of this writing are:

1 – Relatively few marketing related products to choose from. There tends to be a great deal more volume of PLR products within other niches. It’s not necessarily a problem that a lot of PLR products about dog grooming and online dating can be found, but the absence of large quantities of high quality PLR marketing products represents a great opportunity for the prospective

2 – Poor product quality. I have to be blunt here: It’s not easy to find a PLR e- book or report that is worth the asking price. I find a great deal of very poor writing and redundancy in the PLR material I have

3 – Many PLR products are incomplete. I often get the feeling the authors were in a hurry to get the sales page up and just rushed through the actual report, not even bothering to wind things up with a proper finish.

I’m not saying all PLR out there is rubbish. That would be a silly thing to suggest. But I am saying most of it is.

There really does seem to be this odd consensus among PLR authors that there is little or no pressure to write a compelling work because “after all it’s only a PLR report”.

While these observations of mine are on the negative end, I actually view them as great news!

Why? Because with so much crap on the Web being passed off as PLR I stand to make a nice profit (and have in fact done so already!) by applying the simple concepts which I’m going to share with you through the rest of this article.

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Easy PLR Profits

How You Can Profit From A Flawed Industry By Raising The Bar

Special Note: I’m a writer and not a software developer so this work was created with the PLR e-book and report in mind. However the standards can easily be translated to PLR software development if that’s your game.

The first thing you should take from this report is obvious:

Commit yourself to raising the bar and delivering the kind of quality product that people will:

  • Actually benefit from reading
  • Feel great about selling even if they don’t change a single word
  • Identify as top-notch material and return to you for their future PLR needs

While PLR might have faded just a bit from the mainstream limelight, the fact is it’s still a very hot sub niche and a lot of the people involved are peddling junk. This market is wide open for exploitation by entrepreneurs who can crank out quality material!

The Two Facets Of PLR – Will You Be A Reseller Or A Producer… Or Both?

There are, of course, two basic options for marketers who wish to profit from the PLR field. You can acquire pre-written material that comes with private label rights and then resell this material, or you can produce original material and sell it as PLR content.

Let’s have a look at both options in some detail:
Being An Effective Reseller Of PLR Material

Many people will purchase a private label e-book or collection of e-books, and then immediately turn around and sell these products without so much as opening them. I’m not going to say this is bad, because I do believe it has its place.

But this is definitely not the most profitable approach to reselling private label goods.

The only time I push a PLR product through my sales funnel ‘as-is’ (meaning I buy it and then sell it without making any changes to the contents) is when I want to add a few quick bonuses to a sales letter or upsell offer.

For example I might add a few word doc source files to my zip file and then paste the cover graphics for these PLR products in the “Fast Action Bonus” area of my sales letter.

But if I do this, if I sell a PLR product without making a single change to the content I am sure to let my prospects know that I am only adding these extra goodies as a quick incentive for them.

I want my customers to be clear in the understanding that these bonus products are just as I purchased them – raw source documents that can be turned into something better with the proper work.

In my opinion, to be truly effective as a PLR reseller you need to use the original document only as a base for your creative process. In fact by the time I am finished with a PLR report you could read the original and the revised copies side by side and often not even realize one gave birth to the other.


So to recap: Instead of just buying a PLR report and instantly reselling it I highly recommend you put in the work required to generate your own unique and quality product from the foundation you have been given.

I have noted how I personally handle exceptions to this rule above so the rest of this section will focus on how to acquire and alter PLR material in a profitable manner.

1.  Where Can You Find Good PLR Products To Work With?

When searching the web for private label rights products, you will be limited to only several hundred sites. Sorry but that’s just how it goes, you’ll have to accept the fact that PLR products can only be found under every friggin’ rock in cyberspace for the time being.

A quick Google search will turn up a number of sites for sure but I can’t attest to the quality of these sites because I create most of my PLR work from the ground up. There is, however, one program I can recommend firsthand that offers a few good private label options.

SureFireWealth for your private label sourcing needs. This site is incredibly robust and absolutely loaded with goodies. It’s a great program not only for the private label material you can find there, but for the other great digital products you can add to your sales pages as bonus incentives for your prospects. And I’m not talking about e-books and software that were released in 2003 here… this site typically adds a newly released resell rights product within a week of it being launched!

2.  Once You Have Your PLR Base Then What?

Ok I’ve already made it clear that I use private label reports and e-books only as my base. This is how I do it.

But since you’re a big boy or girl I can’t force you to follow my lead. What I can do is tell you not to come whining to me if I make more money with my PLR promotions because I create a stronger return customer base than you.

Having given you that little spill, I’ll now provide an overview of how I personally use pre-written material to create quality original content.

What I do is scrap the idea of just making a few tiny edits and assume right off the bat that the product I have open on my desktop is not as good as something I could write. This is not arrogance it’s just a simple mindset tip for you.

Lose the notion of “I’ll just switch the paragraphs around a bit and substitute my name for the original author’s”. Instead go into your PLR revision with the confidence that you can take this product and make it really zing!

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Quick Formula For Converting PLR Material To A Unique Product

What I’ll do is crack open the word source and go right to the table of contents to see what is being addressed, and of that content what is missing or what needs to go missing.

Then I quickly skim over the report. If it’s good stuff I’ll actually read it and try to learn a thing or two but if it’s not so good I’ll just scan to get an idea of what I’m going to do with the base.

Next I use the ‘Save As’ function to create another copy of the original document. I’ll call the new copy Outline or something along those lines because that’s what it’s going to become – my eighth grade English style outline of the product I am about to generate.

I begin chopping away at the Outline document. I’ll start by removing entire sections that are either redundant or just no good, and then I’ll begin to make notes in the headings of the sections that have some quality substance to them; my notes might be new titles that capture the feel of the coming revision and they may be whole paragraphs illustrating my ideas.

Take a Break & Clear the Mind

Once I’ve done my initial chopping, I will scroll to the top of the document where the table of contents reside and replace this table of contents with a grade school outline of what this PLR report or e-book is going to cover. Note this outline can and will change during the course of production but it’s important to at least have a structured idea of where I’m headed.

At this point I’m ready for a break. I don’t smoke so I might hit the kitchen for a quick snack or just walk out on my front porch and relax in one of my wicker chairs for a few minutes. The point here is that I get away from my outline for about ten minutes and let my mind wander a bit.

I now return to my desk and look over all the chopping and outlining I just did. If it still looks like a winning idea I move to the next step, if not I make some adjustments and then move forward.

Finally I get to the real work of writing and re-writing. I could fluff this part up but the truth is it’s about as simple as it sounds: I fill in the content I roughed out above and rewrite any sections that are actually worth keeping. In general the only content I preserve are the less relevant sections that might just cover generic introductory style information and even here I’m prone to rewording things so it speaks from my personality.

Txt Box with Writing
Two things I want to cover at the foot of this section:

If you’ve actually read the preceding pages it’s clear that I am a real person; I have a distinct personality. The same is true of you so be sure your readers catch this as they read through your content; avoid being generic and keeping too much of the original product unless it’s just really that good and you are only looking for a quick buck on this.

On quite an opposite note if you aren’t any good at writing or just plain hate the idea of it there is no need to give up on this product or the concepts I’m laying out just yet. You can still do the skimming, reading, chopping, and outlining steps presented above and then pass your requirements outline on to a qualified writer! (see later section for list of great options)

So the whole point I’ve been harping on thus far is the need for originality of content. Really go the extra mile to take full advantage of what a private label product is!

And don’t let your originality stop with the actual contents of the product by any means. You can and absolutely should customize the web page template, cover graphics, and sales copy that come with any PLR bundle you purchase!

With these changes you can safely be less stringent with your makeover. For example a simple color scheme shift can make a big difference in the way a header and cover graphic combo are perceived, and if there are really good bits of copy on the sales letter keep them and add your own material around them.

Of course for absolute maximum impact I urge you to go ahead and add totally unique graphics and sales copy to your promotion. You may very well have the time and capabilities required to write your sales letter and create your own stunning graphics, but many people do not.

Unless you are a pro copywriter or web designer it’s actually smart to outsource this part of your PLR makeover. Sure it will cost you a few bucks but this is a business investment that you can easily recover if you market your new product effectively.

And if you don’t plan on marketing your PLR product effectively why on Earth have you read this far down in the first place?

Here are my recommendations on great outsource options for writing you a top- notch sales letter and building you a suite of amazing web graphics:

Creating Your Own PLR Material From The Ground Up

In my opinion this is the most rewarding facet of PLR marketing…

To create absolutely original content and then have people send you money so they can have access to your product and either sell it as-is or go through the steps in the previous section!

The purpose of this article is not to teach you how to write quality content so I’ll just make the following point and back it up with some suggestions:

Txt Box with Writing 2

A Few Tips For Successful E-book/Report Creation

1)    Do your homework! The hard part begins before you ever start writing (or before you hire a writer if that’s the case).

The worst thing you can do, and most of us have done it before at least once or twice, is to create a product and then look for customers.

Your first step is to do some searching and light keyword research to see if there is a community on the Web that already gives a hoot about the topic. Then you will want to actually download a few existing reports in this niche to see what readers are being exposed to.

2)    Even when starting from scratch you will want to go through the outline phase illustrated in the previous section. Just a simple framework will do but you need an idea of where you’re going with your product before you start hammering away; an outline could look like this:


Report On Hippo Breeding


Section One – Why Hippos?

One A. Popular Breeds To Start With

One B. Safety Precautions

One C. Start Up Costs To Consider

Section Two – Hippo Breeding Legislation

Two A. Know The Law

Two B… Ok you get the point right? You just need an initial draft.

3)    Don’t be afraid to make swipe notes. Plagiarism is wrong and I am NOT suggesting you rip another author off, but there is nothing (nothing at all) wrong with making notes about points another writer has made and revisiting these points in your writing. This can save you a ton of work and really help to get the creative juices flowing!


I’ve already mentioned that you can definitely still profit big time from creating your own hot selling PLR products even if you are not a writer and have no desire to become a writer. There are plenty of great writers on the web you can hire to transform your outline to a solid e-book or report.


However a word of caution on hiring a ghostwriter!


There are some less than scrupulous individuals in the ghost-writing field.

If you are not careful you run the risk of paying somebody to hand you material they stole from somebody else! It happened to me once and it nearly cost me an account at one of my favorite article directories.


I consider myself a capable writer and I do produce 90% of my own material. But it’s smart business to delegate tasks of a lesser priority so I can focus on the most important elements. I do occasionally employ writers to pick up the extra workload and through a painful process of trial and error I have made some outstanding contacts.


Ok at this point we’ve hit the high spots of producing a strong PLR product, whether you use existing material or create something completely new from the ground up.

Now let’s look at a few slick tips for maximizing your success!


Tips For Increasing Your Profit

First and foremost you should NOT look at PLR marketing in the way it is presented by far too many sales pages on the web… as a means of making loads of money with no real effort.

The truth is PLR promotions can produce some nice profits with fairly minimal work. But like we’ve said already downloading a PLR report, slapping your name on the cover, and then reselling it five minutes later is usually not a smart move.

Focus On Customer Retention!

I really think most PLR marketers are just looking for the quick buck and not thinking about any sort of long term gains. This is crazy!

There are thousands of people online, in various niches, looking for quality private label rights products for their own promotions and product lines. You need to think about not just making a few sales, but rather about breaking into the larger market and positioning yourself as a quality vendor of PLR content.

In other words you want people who buy your PLR reports to like them so much they come back to buy your next one, and your next one, and so on. And you want people to think so highly of your material that they are happy to tell others about you, even without an affiliate program!

Two quick and obvious ways to achieve this are:

1 – Quality! Quality! Quality! I can’t say this enough. Produce material of real value to your reader and they will want more.

2 – Get all of your PLR customers on a special list. On your thank you page paste a simple email capture form and tell your buyers they must fill out the quick form with their name and email address in order to access their download link. Once you do this you will have a warm market for promoting the rest of your PLR products!

Make Your Offer More Attractive Through Exclusivity

When you run a private label rights promotion I encourage you to limit the number of licenses you sell and state this limitation plainly, in bold print, and multiple times on your sales page. This will improve your conversions by letting your prospects know they are being offered something truly special that not just everyone has access to.

Let’s face it, most people are not going to take the advice in this report and they will continue to scour the web for ready-made products they can download, slap their name on, and start selling five minutes later.

But even these folks might get wary if they think an offer is old enough that hundreds, even thousands of other PLR junkies are pushing the same product. So give them the assurance that only 25, 50, 100, etc. other marketers will be sold the private label rights for your product.

While a limited number of licenses will mean a limited number of transactions, remember that nothing is stopping you from selling your product as a report or e- book without PLR once the licenses are all gone.


Experiment With Both Front And Back End Positioning

Sometimes you might want to just promote a PLR package directly on your main sales page. For instance you might create your product and then launch your sales campaign with the plan of selling 50 PLR licenses at $67; not a bad little profit involved with this scheme.

Alternatively, you could launch your product as a report or e-book with personal use rights only and sell this for $9.97. Then on the thank you page you can offer your buyers the limited access PLR package at $67 for a maximum of 50 licenses.

Both strategies have their advantages.

In our examples offering the PLR up front will get you a list of buyers who are all willing to shell out seventy bucks for a product and will likely amount to more profits in the short term. But selling the product with a lower price tag will ultimately result in more buyers on your list and probably about the same number of people purchasing your PLR license offer.

I alternate between these two approaches depending on my overall goal with the promotion. If I just want to generate a couple thousand bucks in extra revenue I’ll offer the PLR up front, and if I have the extra time required to set up the lower priced front end and PLR upsell then I’ll go that route

Using PLR Products As Quality Viral Marketing Tools

Because of the possibility of your product being altered you might not consider the viral marketing opportunity associated with PLR promotions. The truth is you should treat a PLR product as the perfect viral marketing opportunity because what have I been saying about the majority of folks who buy PLR from you?

They’re going to turn around and sell it right away!

So be sure to put plenty of links to your website and favorite affiliate programs in your report and e-book. Ok that goes without saying I know but here’s a couple of things to consider under the assumption that a buyer will actually edit your product and replace much of your content with their own:

1.    Include a disclaimer under your title page that names you as the original author and links back to your website. Chances are good this disclaimer will remain intact even if the rest of the report gets edited and you could get some traffic from the link in that low profile resource box.

2.    Add links that are not affiliate program related, but that are of great content value to the theme of the report so the buyer is less likely to edit them. For instance make a post on your blog about the them of your PLR report and link to this article to support one of your sections; you aren’t selling anything here, just providing good additional content and it could bring readers to your blog where they will have a chance to find some of your offers and sales pages.

3.    If you own an affiliate program include these links in your PLR product and give the buyer the option of re-branding them with their own referral ID’s. You can do this by using software like Viral PDF which allows a user to easily substitute their affiliate ID’s for yours, or you can simply add a ‘join the affiliate program here’ link into your content; either option is likely to encourage your buyer to retain the affiliate program link in his/her modified product because they now have an opportunity to earn a passive income by doing so.

Include a footer tag via Word that includes a link to your site. Some users will just leave this in.


Ultimately you should view PLR product creation the same way you would handle any sort of e-book or report production, but with an added twist that can earn you more money through the exploitation of current trends.

Take action on the contents of this article and use some of the resources presented here and you can greatly improve the results of your current PLR promotions.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our content.

We hope you found it informative and valuable.

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