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In this Article Series, we will dicuss important strategies on how to monetize Private Label Rights content through membership subscription.

Everyone knows that PLR sites are a highly lucrative business model. There are many people who are good at mass producing PLR content, but what about the END USER?

Not everyone is good at monetizing it.  So many of them subscribe as a member to these membership sites but very few actually have the knowledge to monetize them to the MAX!

So we will take a closer look at PLR content that is available for the majority of membership sites out there right now.

We will explore how to make use of:

 So without further ado, let’s jump into it right away!


Why Monthly PLR?

Most of the time, people are afraid of monthly commitments, that is why they are afraid to join monthly PLR sites.

That is NOT the right way to think!

The advantages of joining a monthly PLR membership site are as follows:

It can be a lot cheaper compared to buying from other sources because monthly subscriptions are usually a lot cheaper than one time purchases.

You get consistent content every month!

You get to monetize the LATEST, hottest, new niches! With new monthly content, you can be sure you will not be using OLD, outdated content.

You get to create multiple streams of incomes when you really push yourselves to work hard every month.

You get the privileges of exclusivity. Because monthly content are not easily available to the public, you do not compete with tons of other

Internet marketers (or niche marketers) that are recycling the SAME, overused content over and over again! The only people you are ‘competing’ against are the people who has membership access and there is usually a membership cap to a PLR membership site.

You also get to enjoy first mover’s advantage! You will know exactly when the content will be released and you can start loading up the content on your sites as quickly as possible. After all, the early bird get’s the word, right?

Now that we are very clear why PLR memberships are one of the best investments one can make, we will have to choose the right membership site.

How to Choose A Good Monthly PLR Site


Let’s be realistic here…


Not all PLR membership sites are created equally – some of their content is just BAD, while others are produced with premium quality!

Therefore, it is very important that you check out the credibility of the founders of the PLR site.

Make sure they have:

Once you know WHO to buy from, you must take a look at the list of content they are providing – whether they are suitable for your needs, whether it is too pricey, or whether you will be able to monetize it. You have to be sure as well if the niches you are focusing on are targeted, generic or too competitive.

Here is a list of criteria that will assist you in your search:


TOP Quality contentIt is the most important criteria of them all! (If you want to check out the quality of past issues, you can do a search on Google to see if anyone published the content on their website – this is a useful way to gauge the quality of the site without investing in it).

Powerful graphics If they are provided, you can greatly increase your conversion rates. And also, do they provide Photoshop PSD files that you can use to edit and rebrand?

Monetization methods they cater forDo the content allow you to monetize many ways such as Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, Chitika, Commission Junction or even publishing your own E-book?

Does it provide high converting sales letters and opt-in pages to capture leads for your mailing list? This is very important because you want everything to be set up for you!

Does it provide good quality audio and video products?


In our next article we will proceed further into the PLR World – with

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