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Chapter 6: How To Combine a Facebook Page and Group



Adding a Facebook Page is one of the most powerful ways to promote your Facebook group. Your Facebook page is likely the first thing you considered when you started marketing your business on Facebook.

A page often acts as a kind of shop window, where you can promote your products and even quickly convert visitors by including a call to action.

Combining The Two

As we’ve seen, the value of the Facebook group is quite different, but neither is better or worse than the other. And moreover, you don’t need to think purely in terms of either/or.

Instead, you should be thinking about how you can use both a Facebook group and a Facebook page together in order to drastically increase the success of both.

Linking Your Facebook Page and Group

The first step will be to link your Facebook page to your Facebook group. This is very easy to do, just jump into the settings for your group, and then click ‘Linked Pages’. Here, you can link the pages that you own.

What this does is firstly to allow your page moderators to also moderate the group and to create posts. Secondly, it will mean that your Facebook group will now appear on your Facebook page.

Depending on the settings you’ve created for your group, this can lead to members immediately joining your Facebook group and provide an easy way for them to join up. You might choose to pre-approve those members for example.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to link groups

Why Combine Both

As mentioned, there are a lot of differences between Facebook pages and groups. A typical use for a Facebook page is for a business to allow customers to learn more about their business and to get in touch in order to start a transaction.

This can work in tandem with a website, or it might replace one entirely. What’s more, is that a Facebook page can be useful for promoting content from your own blog, or around the web. You can provide value this way, and hopefully use it to drive more people to your sales channels.

A Facebook group invites more in-depth conversation around a topic, and shows more posts on the user’s feed. It’s not a particularly useful way to let visitors discover your business, but it will allow them to interact more closely.

facebook-groups marketing-unleashed-maximizse-profit

The Sales Funnel

Those that are familiar with marketing, might now start to notice how using both together has similarities with another popular marketing strategy: the sales funnel.

The idea of a sales funnel, is to entice people into your business and to then gradually increase engagement and investment until they are ready to buy big ticket items. This normally starts with free content, and will eventually develop into small purchases and commitments (such as joining a mailing list).

The mistake that a lot of businesses make is essentially to try and sell their products ‘cold’. Imagine that you are a relatively little- known expert on a particular topic and you decide that you want to sell tickets to a talk you’re going to do for $1,000 each.

If you were to advertise on Facebook Ads and try to sell that talk, how many people do you think would sign up?

The answer is ‘probably none’. Why? Because those people are not going to want to spend all that money on a completely unknown quantity. Even with AMAZING advertising and an AMAZING product, it will be hard to get high conversions here.

I often liken this to walking up to a woman/man in the street and asking if they want to come back to your place.

In most cases, you’re going to get slapped!

Sales Conversion Funnel

The sales funnel works differently

Here, you provide a little bit of free content in the form of a blog post, or perhaps a video.

Anyone can watch that, and if they enjoy it, they know where they can get more. They might visit your site a few times by accident and eventually decide they really like your point of view and what you have to say. Therefore, they might join up to a mailing list.

That is step one in your sales funnel. You now have their contact details.

From that mailing list, you might now provide other useful information and free content. You will then mention that they can buy your affordable ebook for just $15. That’s a bigger commitment but if they love all the content they’ve enjoyed so far, they might sign up.

You follow this sale up with another email, inviting them to a special one-to-one consultation. They loved the ebook, they know that you can be trusted to deliver on your promises, and they love the information you provide.

So they accept and put aside half an hour of their day. And in here, you sell them your $1,000 course.

THIS is far more likely to work.

And a Facebook Page > Facebook Group can work in very much the same way. Someone finds your Facebook page having found your blog online, or by searching for local businesses.

They enjoy seeing the content you share and they find it interesting. As such, they become MUCH more likely to join your Facebook group.

And by doing that, they become far more invested in your brand and much more interested in what you have to say. This is an ideal place to sell tickets to an event, or to announce a big new product launch.


Providing VALUE to your audience

But for each step on this ladder to work, it is absolutely crucial that you share the best type of content possible. You need to show that you can provide VALUE to your audience.

This is why the next chapter is extremely important.

Coming Next:

What to Post and How to Engage


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