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Chapter 7: What to Post and How to Engage

So you have your Facebook group, and you are successfully funneling people here from your Facebook page and your website. What is next?

Facebook what to post and how to engage

Well, the short answer is to start providing highly targeted value that is designed to encourage conversation.

Here are some examples of the types of content and post that will work extremely well.

Exclusive Content

Remember: a large part of the interest in your group will come from the fact that it is private and exclusive. Therefore, you will want to consider adding additional exclusive content that you create for your audience.

This can act as a ‘thank you’ for joining the group and being committed to the brand, and it can also help to increase engagement.

Interesting Finds from the Web

You probably don’t have time to create a huge amount of exclusive content for your group, so instead you will need to turn to other sources of content that you can find.

Ideally, that means looking for things that you find fascinating and that members of your group will do too. Look for content that is likely to stir up discussion, that is trending in your niche, and that people outside your group might have missed.

Let’s say that you have a self-improvement blog and business. In here, you might share posts about techniques to ‘massively enhance productivity’, or you might share posts about the ‘dangers of the entrepreneurial lifestyle’.

These kinds of posts will encourage a response for your followers, while also providing real value.

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Not sure where to find this type of content? A great option is to use BuzzSumo ( This site will allow you to see the most shared content on the web in particular niches, which you can then use in order to find content you KNOW will perform well.

This is also very useful for pages of course.

Another tip is to share other pages and groups that post on similar topics. This way, you can get more ideas for things you should post yourself.

Of course, you should also invite your members to share these kinds of posts too.

And if you get this right, then you can hopefully gain a large following.

Community Posts

While sharing exclusive and thought-provoking content from within your niche is a great way to increase engagement with your group, it’s also not using the platform to its fullest.

To remind you once again: Facebook is primarily a tool for communication. Thus, it is paramount that you use it in this way and that you use it as a way to communicate with your audience.

Do this by:-
      • Asking for advice and ideas re: content
      • Asking for tips on good things to read etc
      • Welcoming new members
      • Running polls and questionnaires to get the group’s opinion


Stories work on Facebook in just the same way they work on Instagram. You can upload a picture or video and then add to it with effects, stickers, drawing and more.

Stories tend to be used mainly for sharing personal experiences. So a group about music might see its members share stories from live events, or perhaps from their own jamming sessions.

As a brand owner, you can do this as a great way to make people feel more involved with your business and help them better ‘know you’. Groups also allow you to create ‘Group Stories’ which let multiple members contribute.

Creating New Posts

When you create any new post in your Facebook group, you will do so by clicking the ‘Write Post’ box at the top of the page.

You’ll then be invited to create a number of different types of content, which can give you even more ideas for things you can create and share.

Examples include:
      • Photos/videos
      • Gifs
      • Polls

Video can be a great way to wake up your audience and to engage with them. Photos can work well, but only so far as they facilitate conversation.

Simply posting attractive images won’t be a good fit as it can clog up the newsfeed.

Live video is an option that is particularly well suited to Facebook groups, as it will allow you to directly communicate with your audience in a way that drastically increases engagement and trust even more.

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